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Freedev represents the culmination of extensive research and development in the fields of generative AI, high-speed inference, and model serving infrastructure.

Engineered by a seasoned team with a history of creating AI infrastructure used by millions, integral to the operations of major companies such as Amazon, Google, Walmart, and others. This rich background in AI innovation is the foundation upon which Freedev is built, offering unparalleled expertise and a proven track record in advancing AI technology.
AI Agents for Autonomous Coding offers AI agents that continuously work on your repositories in the background, reviewing code, scanning for vulnerabilities, submitting PRs, and fixing outdated documentation.

Learn more about how Freedev enables autonomous coding with its AI Agents infrastructure.
Freedev's AI agents for Autonomous Coding
State of the Art Performance via Mixture of Experts
Freedev revolutionizes software development by leveraging a Mixture of Experts (MoE) approach. This innovative technique enables exceptional results by utilizing task-specific models, each finely tuned for distinct tasks, whether they are coding-related or otherwise. The synergy of these models ensures that Freedev's users can handle a broad spectrum of requests with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.
Freedev's State of the Art Performance Via Mixture of Experts
AI Search via Retrieval Augmented Generation
RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) AI technology revolutionizes the traditional capabilities of AI models by integrating external data access. This advancement allows Freedev.aito seamlessly connect with the web, access codebases, and interface with a diverse range of APIs. Such connectivity facilitates comprehensive web searches, code analysis, and interactions with different software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms for accurate and up-to-the-moment external knowledge integration
Freedev's AI Search via Retrieval Augmented Generation
Private Model Inference Infrastructure
Freedev prides itself on being a completely self-hostable AI system, independent of external dependencies like OpenAI or internet-hosted infrastructure. This approach guarantees enhanced security, IP safety, and offers opportunities for model customization and fine-tuning, catering specifically to the needs of the enterprise.
Freedev's Model Inference Infrastructure
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