Careers at Freedev
Help Us Build Autonomous AI Agents
At Freedev, we're pioneering a new era in autonomous task-oriented AI, driven by the transformative power of AI Agents.

Our team is distributed, but our roots are in Denver, Colorado. As a venture-backed company with extensive expertise in AI, we're dedicated to making advanced technology both accessible and useful for all.
Work on pioneering AI solutions
We are a collective of innovators, entrepreneurs, and technologists, initiated by our founder and CEO, Elliot Turner, a well-known expert in the AI and cybersecurity fields, responsible for the creation of AlchemyAPI, IBM Watson Discovery, and widely-deployed AI infrastructure serving millions. Our team includes specialists in various fields such as enterprise security and natural language processing. If you're passionate about breaking new ground in technology, and you enjoy creating and redefining the limits of what's possible, then Freedev is your ideal place.
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Freedev Core Values
At Freedev, we value the spirit of taking initiative. We encourage our team to lead their projects with a sense of ownership, creating work they can proudly stand behind. We believe that true commitment to your work leads to extraordinary outcomes.
Agility is our mantra. We embrace rapid innovation and the excitement of navigating uncharted territories. Agility for us means making swift decisions, executing plans with excellence, and building systems that adapt and scale quickly. We're committed to making significant strides in technology with agility at our core.
Our goal is to convert the innovative potential of AI into practical, everyday tools. We focus on developing technology that not only pushes boundaries but also integrates effortlessly into daily workflows, creating solutions that millions will depend on every day.
Open Positions
We're seeking creative and skilled individuals from various backgrounds, united by a shared passion for shaping distinctive software experiences.