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Freedev's multi-LLM AI chat solution lets you interact with SOTA LLMs such as OpenAI, Google Gemini, Anthropic, Meta Llama3, Mistral AI, and more.

Accelerate meaningful work via our best-in-class AI chat UI on desktop and mobile. And once you're done, click "Create Agent" to automate your workflow! It's that easy!
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Chat With Multiple LLMs
Freedev integrates all major LLMs into a single consistent UI, enabling you to use the SOTA offerings from OpenAI, Anthropic, Google Gemini, Meta AI, Mistral AI, and more. You can even switch between LLMs dynamically in the middle o your chat!
Ask away, Freedev AI Chat has the answers
A confidential and secure AI assistant capable of tackling nearly any task you throw its way. Your data is never stored or utilized to train our models.
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Connect with any data source
Search the Internet + Automate Browsing
Freedev AI agents can autonomously search the Internet, browse websites, crawl data sources, and much more. Automate any research and monitoring task!
Connect with any API + many SaaS Apps
Freedev can natively talk to any public/private REST API to integrate private data or licensed data into your automated workflows.
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