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Write and refactor code, answer technical questions, learn your way around existing code and more! Endless possibilities with your new AI development assistant.
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Code conversations made easy
Conversational coding made easy! Whether you need technical insights, help writing code, or assistance in your latest development task, Freedev is here to help!
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A confidential and secure AI assistant capable of tackling nearly any task you throw its way. Your data is never stored or utilized to train our models.
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Accurate answers and highest quality results with integrated code indexing and web search
Link your Git or GitHub repositories for code indexing
Unlock the power of code indexing by connecting your repositories, providing insights and answers based on your internal projects. Particularly beneficial for organizations with extensive internal APIs, libraries, or services.
Integrated web search ensures timely results
Tired of outdated LLM results? Freedev's web search and URL crawling ensures you get the latest information when asking technical questions.
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