About Freedev
We're a venture-backed company based on Denver Colorado, with deep expertise in the AI space. We believe autonomous AI agents hold the potential to transform the way teams operate, eliminating tedium and accelerating productivity.

Our team has built and sold multiple techology companies, held leadership positions at venture-funded startups and Fortune 500 corporations, and developed products used by millions in the realms of enterprise security, speech AI, natural language processing, and computer vision.
Meet our founder and CEO
Chief Executive Officer

Elliot is a serial entrepreneur, technologist, angel investor, and business leader in the AI community.

Elliot Turner started building software companies in the early 1990s. His first startup, MimeStar, was one of the first commercially available network intrusion detection systems. The company exited with an acquisition by Intrusion.com in 2000.

After his time at Intrusion.com, Elliot founded AlchemyAPI and created one of the first commercially available Natural Language Processing APIs, and was also the first to market in image recognition, offering a deep learning vision API that could detect arbitrary objects. AlchemyAPI was acquired by IBM Watson in 2015. While at IBM, Elliot ran various efforts at Watson including Discovery and NLU as well as overseeing product management of the Watson API portfolio of vision, speech, NLP, and translation services.

Our Team

We are a passionate and driven team, dedicated to creating seamless design experiences and building human-centered AI solutions.


Lead Frontend Engineer


Lead Backend Engineer


Lead UX/UI Designer

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