AI Agents for Autonomous Coding
Move Beyond Copilot with AI Agents for Autonomous Coding offers AI agents that continuously work on your repositories in the background, reviewing code, scanning for vulnerabilities, submitting PRs, and fixing outdated documentation.
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How AI Agents work in
Autonomous Coding: Set It And Forget It
Freedev moves past the 'developer assist' legacy style AI features seen in other products like Copilot. Connect your repository, choose one or more coding tasks, set a development velocity, and go!
AI Agents Submit PRs Automatically
Once you've configured your AI tasks and velocity, Freedev's AI agents submit PRs to your repositories just like any other member of your team!
Continuous Code Maintenance
Freedev's inline code comment and docstring generation agents help automate and maintain developer documentation for large existing codebases.
Vulnerability and PII Compliance
Code scanning agents identify potential software vulnerabilities, PII data leakages, SLA compliance issues, and other software issues.
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