How Autonomous Agents Work moves past standard AI chat tools by providing an autonomous AI agent solution that runs in the background, enabling you to automate hundreds of different work tasks
Pick an AI Agent and submit a task
Pick from hundreds of pre-created agents and submit a task, or create your own custom AI agent!
AI agents run in the background autonomously runs in the background, on a schedule or based on trigger events
AI Agents talk to many data sources
Freedev AI agents can search the Internet, browse web pages, interact with APIs, and much more. Talk to nearly any data source!
AI Agents automate your repetitive work
AI Agents can "replay" sequence of operations to automate repetitive work including online research, writing reports or blog posts, monitoring clients and competitors, and much more
AI Agents can generate multimodal outputs
Freedev agents can generate outputs in multiple formats, create audio and images, write and fact check reports!
AI Agents run in the background on a recurring schedule
Freedev Agents run automatically in the background, on a schedule, or triggered by external events. Set it and forget it!
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