Freedev Enterprise
Cloud or On Premise? You Decide.
Our platform ensures you have complete control through self-hosted, air-gapped, and behind-the-firewall deployments.

Secure model fine-tuning, access to private datasources, easy integration with custom tools and APIs accelerate your ability to leverage autonomous AI agents to accelerate productivity.
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Unrivaled security
Our self-hosted deployment ensures a fully air-gapped environment, preventing any private data from leaving your on-prem servers or virtual private cloud.
Tailored to your data
Enjoy the ability to swap and personalize models locally. Your private data and personalized models stay within your tenant, ensuring maximum privacy and control.
Designed for your entire team
Freedev AI agents can complete hundreds of different tasks autonomously across many work functions, enabling yor entire team
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Ensuring the privacy of your private data
Freedev can be deployed behind your firewall, in a 100% closed environment. Use AI agents on your private data, without needing to send anything to the cloud.
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15+ hours
Saved every month per employee by using Freedev.
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