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Welcome to Autonomous Coding
Move past legacy code generation tools like Copilot and Codeium. connects to your Git repositories and submits PRs autonomously just like a human developer.
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Freedev's autonomous coding agents run in the background, submitting PRs to your projects automatically.  Reduce technical debt and ship faster than ever before!
Your AI development teammate
Onboard engineers faster, converse and ask questions about existing code projects, and automate routine tasks.
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Answer any coding question with AI Developer Chat
Speed up your coding with an AI assistant capable of answering technical questions, writing code, and more!
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Advanced Code Indexing & Search
Onboard new engineers faster and learn your way around existing code via Freedev's project import and code indexing capability
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AI Coding Agents
Automate tasks such as maintaining your code documentation and comments with Freedev's autonomous coding agents. Set it and forget it!
Freedev Extension
Enhance your workflow in your preferred IDE
Code Security
Ensuring the privacy of your code
Freedev can be deployed behind your firewall, in a 100% closed environment. Use AI on your codebase, without needing to send data to Microsoft or ChatGPT.
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