Create your own Autonomous AI Agents
Freedev autonomous agents complete meaningful tasks in the background, automatically. Create and share your own custom agents to automate hundreds of different work tasks
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Freedev's autonomous agents run in the background, on a schedule, or triggered by any event you configure. Automate hundreds of tasks!
Your Robot Fleet
Configure dozens or even hundreds of Freedev agents to search the web, click and browse, interact with APIs, import and analyze documents, and much more--autonomously. Build and share an agent to do a wide variety of tasks!
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Best-in-class AI Chat: Supports Dozens of LLMs
Freedev integrates dozens of different LLMs from leading providers such as OpenAI, Anthropic, Google, Meta, Mistral AI, Together AI, Fireworks AI, and many others. You can even switch between LLMs dynamically in the middle of a chat
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Turn any chat into an autonomous AI Agent
Teach Freedev new tasks simply by chatting with your data sources and creating outputs. Click "Create Agent" and you'e off to the races! We'll train up a task completion agent based on your chat
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Scheduled Agents: Set it and forget it!
Automate hundreds of tasks with Freedev's autonomous agents running in the background. Agents can be configured to operate on schedules or based on external trigger events. Set it and forget it!
Code Security
Ensuring the privacy of your data
Use Freedev in the Cloud, or deploy behind your firewall, using optional private inference nodes, in a 100% closed environment. Use AI Agents the way you want: Cloud, VPC, or On Premise.
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