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Freedev enables you to automate meaningful work faster than ever before.
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Turbocharge your workflow with AI
Freedev combines code-aware AI chat, automatic code refactoring, intelligent code indexing, and smart code autocompletion
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Next-gen AI Coding assistant
Code-aware AI chat integrates directly into your IDE. No more tab-switching hassles.
AI-powered code refactoring
Rapid and robust actions for code explanation, auditing, and effortless refactoring.
Intelligent code indexing and search
AI chat answers questions about your existing codebase using smart source code indexing & search.
Smart code autocompletion
Code autocompletion powered by in-house AI boosts your productivity and accelerates delivery.
Your AI teammate
Onboard engineers faster, converse and ask questions about existing code projects, and automate routine tasks.
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AI Assistant in your browser and your IDE is available in both your web browser (desktop and mobile supported!) and integrated directly into your IDE. Uso supercharge your coding no matter where you do your work
Answer any question with AI Chat
Speed up your coding with an AI assistant capable of answering technical questions, writing code, and more!
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Advanced Indexing & Web Search
Onboard new engineers faster and learn your way around existing code via Freedev's project import and code indexing capability
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AI Agents
Automate tasks such as maintaining your code documentation and comments with Freedev's autonomous coding agents. Set it and forget it!
Freedev Extension
Enhance your workflow in your preferred IDE
Code Security
Ensuring the privacy of your code
Freedev can be deployed behind your firewall, in a 100% closed environment. Use AI on your codebase, without needing to send data to Microsoft or ChatGPT.
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