Freeway ML Feature Updates, October 6th

Another great week on the books. A warm welcome to all new users and a high five 🙌 to everyone using Freeway ML for the past two weeks. Check out the latest news and feature updates:


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Discord server

We just opened our Discord server and would love to start collaborating with you on your creative journey. Please consider joining the server.

Like it? Save it!

Were there times when you had multiple images you liked but forgot to save? Yeah, it happened to use as well! Well, good news! As of today, we automatically save your last 1000 image generations under the "Recent" tab. We also enable you to curate your favorites by starring the image; these are collected under the "Saved" tab.

Image Upload

Maybe you have an image or sketch of your own that you want to start with and modify. We now support uploading your photos, making it possible to apply image generation AI to your own images. Our team loves this feature because it opens up a "refine" process that wasn't possible before.

Step 1. Upload any photo, image, rough sketch or a drawing.  

Step 2. Crop your image to get the right dimensions.

Step 3. Enhance your image, create a variation, add a style, or add a prompt to create something new. If you're adding a prompt, we recommend writing something fairly detailed and moving the slider to the left (closer to image).

The results can be fun! Here is a transformation of a sketch to a 3D castle.

Castle drawing into a 3D castle

Here we transform a stuffy into a real animal:

Stuffy into a real sheep


We want to help you promote your creation on social media. We've made sharing with mobile easy with a share button that shares to Twitter, Instagram, or any other app on your phone.

That's all for this week. Please reach out on Discord, Reddit or Twitter if you have any questions.

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