Freeway ML Feature Updates, November 18th

Another week of feature improvement to the Freeway ML app! This week we've added several new styles, improvements to the style selection tray, an experimental release of image outpainting, updated AI-generated masks, and an eraser tool for inpainting.


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🌄 New Styles

We're seeing and hearing that users love adding Freeway styles to their prompt, and several users have requested new style types. We now have 47 styles available to all users! This week we've added the following new styles: Pixel Art, Vaporwave Art, Ukiyoe Art, Harlem Renaissance, Cinematic, Manga Anime, Claymation, Heavenly, Storybook Illustration, Qajar Art, Precisionisim, Chalk Art, Cel Shaded, Isometric, Clip Art, Impasto, Medieval Painting and Vintage Cartoon. We also revamped our photo style making it generate even more amazing than before!

In addition to new styles, we've improved the style selection tray to make scrolling through styles and searching for a specific style faster, especially on mobile.

🌄 Image Outpainting (Experimental)

This week we released an experimental early preview of "Zoom-out," enabling you to expand your image beyond its original borders with a few clicks. We're just getting started on outpainting, so more updates and improvements to this new feature are on the way soon!

✨ Masking Feature Updates

Part of Freeway's magic is the editing tools that we provide after image generation or image upload. We're leading the pack when it comes to AI image editing tools, and we continue to innovate in this area.

We just introduced a new foreground/background masking capability that's extremely accurate! Instead of using a brush to paint the background of an image, you can click the AI-generated mask for "Background" to get a highly accurate mask. Combine the “Background”, “Foreground” masks with image variations or change the prompt to create an entirely new scene or persona.

With this feature update, you can also download any generated or AI edited image with the background removed, and alpha channel layer added. This makes it easy to import assets created in Freeway ML into your favorite editing tools, such as Photoshop."

We've also made creating custom masks easier by adding an eraser brush that can help you touch up any inpainting mistakes without having to start all over.

Lastly, if you prefer to create your mask in Photoshop or another tool, our AI detects the alpha channel of uploaded images, enabling you to select your pre-created mask from the drop-down list.

️Thanks again for tuning into this week's feature updates! Stay tuned; there is more to come!

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